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How do I create a Service Due Report?
How do I create a Service Due Report?

Use the Service Due Report to generate a list of assets that have services in either an ‘upcoming’ or ‘overdue’ service state.

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Eliminating downtime means ensuring your assets are serviced in a timely manner and so it is important that your stakeholders are also informed of when services are due.

However, not all your stakeholders may have access to the Service Manager app and that’s where the Service Due Report can be a handy tool to notify your stakeholders of when services need to be performed on assets.

The Service Due report is available on the Evolve and Expand pricing plans. Reach out to your Sales Representative for more information.

You need to be Admin, Fleet Admin, or Technician to create a Service Due report. Read more about user roles here

Generate the report

  1. Select the Reports app in the left menu bar

  2. In the Reports screen, click on the Service Due Report

  3. Select if you want to filter the report by All machines, Groups, Machines, or Owners.

    Depending on the filter selected, you may be asked to filter even further:

    • All machines: entire fleet

    • Groups: groups that you have created or have visibility to

    • Machines: select specific machines

    • Owner: designated owner of the machine in Trackunit Manager

    • Sites: Sites that you have created or have visibility to

  4. Select the service status for the report (Upcoming/ Overdue)

  5. Click Generate Report

service due report.png

Reading the generated report

When you generate the report you will see the filtered list of assets and the service plan that is either in the overdue or upcoming state. You can also see detailed information of the service such as, type of service, when the service is due, overdue by (if overdue) and the current state of the asset.

Schedule the report

Once you have generated the report you can schedule it to be sent to people inside and outside your organization at a defined frequency. See how to schedule a report here

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