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How do I schedule a report?
How do I schedule a report?

Learn how to schedule reports and automatically send the right data and information to people both outside and inside of your organization.

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Before you can schedule a report you need to generate it.

Generate the report

Log into Trackunit Manager

  1. Go to the Reports app

  2. Select the report you want to schedule

  3. Set the date range, filters, etc for the report and click Generate

generate report.png

Schedule the report

  1. After generating the report, click Schedule on the right side of the screen

  2. Name the report. The name will be included in the email to the recipients

  3. Add the email addresses of the people who should receive the report. You can add multiple recipients

  4. Choose the Frequency* of your report from the drop down menu

    * Frequency
    You can select daily, weekly or monthly scheduled reports.

    • Daily reports will include past 24 hours of machine activity

    • Weekly reports will include 7 days of machine activity starting on the day of the week you specify

    • Monthly reports will include a machine’s activity in the previous calendar month and will be delivered on the first day of the following month (e.g. Monthly report on January, will be delivered on the 1st of February)

  5. Select which Format you want to send it in

  6. Choose the Language of the report

  7. Click Save Schedule to save and schedule your report

Once you have saved your scheduled report, you can find it along with all of your scheduled reports in the Scheduled Reports tab.


Edit a scheduled report

Go to the Reports app

  1. Click on the report you want to edit

  2. Edit Name, Recipients, Frequency, Format and/or Language

  3. Click More to Edit Report Parameters or Save as New

    💡 Tip:

    Select Edit Report Parameters if you want to add a new machine to the list, or change the hours or days of interest you specified when generating the report

    Select Save as New if you want to duplicate the current report setup

  4. Click Save Schedule to save your changes

edit scheduled report.png

💡 Tip:

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