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How do I control user permissions and roles?
How do I control user permissions and roles?

Learn more about how account admins can assign user roles to make it easier to manage what users can see and do on their Trackunit accounts.

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Assigning user roles is an important step when setting up your Trackunit Manager account. Below is a description of the four user roles we have in Trackunit Manager and the cases in which each user role fits best.

It is especially important to take note of the various permissions attached to each user role. Users cannot perform actions in Trackunit Manager that are not covered by their user role.

If you find yourself unable to perform certain actions in Trackunit Manager due to user permission limitations, please contact your company's account admin.

The 4 user role options in Trackunit Manager:


  • Best suited for: office worker responsible for company fleet managing systems who manages people's access to fleet and internal systems. For example, telematics managers, fleet administrators, IT administrators, or fleet managers.

  • Permissions include: access to all assets, sharing and transferring assets to other accounts, updating asset metadata, inviting and managing users, and controlling user roles.

Fleet Admin

  • Best suited for: employees whose primary responsibilities include purchasing and maintaining vehicles for deliveries, registering and licensing vehicles and finding ways to cut costs and maximize profits. For example, operations managers, fleet administrators, or branch managers.

  • Permissions include: full or partial access to the fleet, access to all features in Trackunit Manager, managing groups, and sharing and transferring assets.


  • Best suited for: individuals who needs to be informed about asset’s whereabouts, and general asset health. For example, drivers, front desk workers, and operators.

  • Permissions include: view-only access to assets and limited access to features.


  • Best suited for: technians, service managers, field technicians and mechanics.

  • Permissions include: planning and setting up service maintenance, remote diagnosing's, machine insights and advanced sensors and access to whole or parts of the fleet.

Note: It is required to have at least one admin on accounts. The account owner will be set as Admin by default and cannot have their role changed. Account owners can be identified from having the name Admin (owner) next to their role.

Change user role

  1. Go to the Administration app

  2. Navigate to the Users tab

  3. Find and click on the user whose role you want to change

  4. Select a new role for the user from the dropdown-menu under Role in the Edit User dialog

  5. Confirm the new role by ticking the box in the warning menu

  6. Click Confirm to save and put the new role into effect

user permission and roles.png

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