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How do I generate a Trip Report?
How do I generate a Trip Report?

Visiting service depots and moving around large construction sites leads to a lot of traffic that your can capture in the Trip Report.

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Use the Trip Report to optimize the route machine takes by:

  • pinpointing asset whereabouts at a particular point in time

  • determining last known whereabouts

  • getting traveling documentation for fact checking

The definition of a trip is when a machine is moving above a certain speed threshold with the ignition on. The purpose is to capture long range movement, rather than a workday of an asset on a job site.

Generate the report

Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  1. Select the Reports app in the left side menu

  2. In the Reports screen, click on Trip Report

    trip report navigation EN.png

  3. Select a Date range by creating a custom range or by selecting one of the predefined options

  4. Choose if you want to Filter by groups, clients, zones, or individual machines

  5. Zoom in on the particular groups/clients/zones/machines you want to include in the report. Choose from the dropdown menu.

  6. Toggle the slider on to include operator in the report

  7. Click Generate report

Generate trip report EN.png

Reading the generated report

When you generate a report, you will see:

  • A summary page that highlights the total number of trips a machine has taken in the date range selected, the total number of km or miles traveled throughout those trips, daily driving period and overall time spent on the road, called Active driving.

trip report summary EN.png

  • A detailed overview of each machine's trips on individual days

trip report overview EN.png

The overview consists of a graph illustrating total number of km or miles, daily driving period and active driving per day, where you can quickly get an overview of trips distribution over time.

Note: this graph will only show data for 30 days. If the date range for the report exceeds 30 days the graph will not be shown as the data is very difficult to read with so many entries.

The rest of the report shows a list of trips driven by the machine, start and stop location and time for each trip, total driving time and max speed during that trip. "Parked" indicates how long a machine was stopped in between each trip.

Each trip is hyperlinked to the specific trip on the Movement page in Trackunit Manager.

This helps you analyse a driver’s behaviour and habits and fact check where and when goods and services were delivered. At the end of a day, you can see a summary that rounds up the day’s activity.

Schedule the report

Once you have generated the report you can schedule it to be sent to people inside and outside your organization at a defined frequency. See how to schedule a report here

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