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How do I remove auto-unlock and reenable the lock/unlock feature with new units in Verify?
How do I remove auto-unlock and reenable the lock/unlock feature with new units in Verify?

All new Raw devices have next generation Access Control feature enabled. To use the lock/unlock feature with these units, read this article.

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Locate your unit in Trackunit Verify

Note: Your unit must be connected to power supply and the red LED must be blinking to ensure GSM connection

  1. Use your Trackunit Manager credentials to sign in.

  2. Enter your unit's serial number and click Find

verify my trackunit.png

Remove auto-unlock

  1. Scroll down to find the IN2->OUT1 toggle


    The toggle should be set to On by default with the first update time close to the unit's first GSM connection or to the factory production date

    Note: If the toggle is Off but the unit is acting as if it's on On this can be due to a synchronicity delay or error. To fix this you need to set the toggle to On and follow the steps below before setting it to Off again.

  2. Set the toggle to Off

  3. Click Confirm in the prompt warning you about disabling Output1. Once the toggle is set to Off, the change will be send to the unit from the server. It can take few seconds before the unit receives this.

    Important: Wait at least 1 to 3 minutes before proceeding to the next steps

  4. Scroll down and click on the Reboot button

    reboot device.png

    The unit will reboot and it might require a few minutes to come into effect.

    Important: Wait at least 1 to 3 min before proceeding to the next steps

  5. Update the data by clicking the Find button at the top of the page again.
    The IN2->OUT1 toggle should now be set to Off


  6. Confirm by putting ignition On and refreshing the Verify page by clicking the Find button at the top pf the page.

Input 2 should be On

ignition on.png

And Output Mode should be Off

output mode.png

If the output is On with only ignition, then auto-unlock is not yet de-activated.

What do I do if the IN2->OUT1 is still On after following the guide?

  • Avoid toggling the IN2->OUT1 slider too many times

  • Start with a new reboot (steps 4 to 6)

  • If this does not work, start from step 1 again

It is very important to give the unit time to communicate with our servers and get the commands. Depending of the GSM network signal it can be either fast or slow and it's important to allow the 1-3 minutes wait.

It's also important to avoid activating ignition or doing step 6 too early. If the unit hasn’t received the correct settings yet it will activate output and it might prevent the change of the setting, which means you'll have to start the process all over.

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