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How do I replace a device?
How do I replace a device?

Learn how to replace a defective or old device and still keep the data and most settings from your old device.

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Note: To successfully replace your old device, make sure your new device is type TU600 or higher, and that the old device that you wish to replace is running on firmware version 62.16 or higher.

If the firmware of your device needs to be updated., reach out to our Customer Support team, by opening the Messenger in the lower left corner of this page, and clicking on "Messages" --> "Send us a message".

In order to replace a device, a user needs to have admin rights for the entire fleet. If you are using Manager Classic, make sure to also grant the user "updating rights under the module settings". Read how to grant another user admin and settings rights for the entire fleet, here

When you have received the new device

  1. Go to and search the serial number of the device that needs to be replaced

    • Important: Take note of the serial number as you need it to cancel the subscription for the device after it’s been replaced

  2. Click Replace

  3. In the Device replacement window enter the serial number of the new device and click Next

  4. Make sure that both serial numbers are correct - a replacement cannot be undone

  5. Click Confirm to complete the replacement. It can take up to 20 seconds for the data to be transferred

Note: you still need to cancel the subscription for the old device after you replace it. See how to cancel a subscription here

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What gets replaced?

  • Device historical data

  • Device settings: Name, Groups, Account visibility

  • Device standard configuration: Hours offset, Input filtering, CAN profile

What will not be replaced?

  • Inputs that have been defined (for example input 1 13,5v)

  • Inverted inputs

  • Turn detection

  • Shock detection

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