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How do I use the Devices list in My Network?
How do I use the Devices list in My Network?

Tailor the Devices list to your preferred view, troubleshoot issues, and perform device actions directly from the list.

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My Network app is available on all the OEM price plans and on the Fleet Plans Expand and Evolve

Introducing the Devices list

The Devices list view provides a consolidated view of the device related information that enables you to drill into your fleet of telematics devices.

To find the list go to My Network app and select Devices.

Device list My Network Nav.png

What do the different columns in the Devices list mean?


What it means:


Name, brand, type, model of the equipment the device is installed on.
Click the equipment name to navigate to the asset page for further information.


Contains device type, serial number, and firmware version.
Note: The information available may vary depending on device type.


Indicates whether the device is installed.

Health Score

Overall device health score (high / medium / low).

Latest Data

Information on when latest data was received from the device.
If the device hasn’t provided recent data, this will be highlighted by colour coding.

Latest Location

Information on when latest GPS location was received from the device.
If the device hasn’t provided recent location, this will be highlighted by colour coding.

Latest CAN Data

Information on when latest CAN data was received from the device, provided the device supports CAN and has a CAN profile configured.
​If the device hasn’t provided recent location, this will be highlighted by colour coding.

External Power

Information about the external power supply for the device.
If the device does not have sufficient power to charge the device battery, this will be indicated by colour coding.

Battery Level

Information about power level of the battery. If this is considered too low, this will be indicated by colour coding.

Operating Hours Issues

Indicates if any issues have been identified for the operating hours reported by the device.

Data Feed

Filled only if the device is updated via data feed integration. It refers to the name of the integration that updates this device.

More information about the given integration can be found in the "Data Feed" tab in the My Network app

Customize your view

Use the filter icon on the top left corner to chose the filters you want to display in the top row. You select and deselect a filter by clicking it.

My network filter devices list.png

Click Columns to select, deselect, and change the order in which the columns are displayed in the Devices list.

Devices list columns.png

Search for a specific device by entering the serial number, asset name, or VIN number into the search bar in the top right corner.

Export the Devices list by clicking Export to Excel in the bottom left corner of the list. Provide an email address the exported file should arrive within a few minutes.

Note: The export is limited to 10.000 devices.

Get device information

Active and inactive devices:

In Manager Classic you can mark a device as being active or inactive. Inactive devices are excluded from multiple features in Trackunit Manager, like the fleet list and health score.

Active devices will have a green dot on the Devices list where inactive devices will have a red dot.

Device Actions

Click on the green or red dot to open the device action, Reboot.

Rebooting the device will send a command to the unit and force a reboot.
Rebooting a unit can in some cases solve issues where a unit is not performing correctly or not sending data.

Note: The reboot function should be used with caution and ideally in accordance with Technical Support

Device lifecycle

Click a row in the Devices list to see an overview of the Device Lifecycle.

The Lifecycle logs actions taken on the device with timestamps, including:

  • Reboot

  • Firmware Update

  • Assigning (incl. CAN profile name)

  • Unassigning CAN profile

  • Installation date (incl. picture for some devices)

💡 Tip:

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