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How do I add or edit specification data?
How do I add or edit specification data?

Rename your unit and add specification data to easily identify your unit in Trackunit Manager and to utilize the data from our database.

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To edit your units, you must either be the Account Administrator or have been granted editting rights by the Account Administrator. Learn more about user permissions and roles here

Users with visibility to assets can only edit name and external reference of units.

What is specification data?

Specification data is information that you add to describe the asset that your unit is attached to. This includes name, asset type, model, production year and serial number. Filling in these specifications will enrich the metadata and make your data analytics more powerful.

What does the Metadata score show me?

The average metadata score on your Fleet Home shows you how big a percentage of your units that have specification data filled in. It includes all machines, equipment, attachments, and tools in your fleet.

The higher the score the closer you are to maximizing the benefits of more powerful and flexible fleet-wide analytics in the Trackunit platform.

To improve a low metadata score fill in any missing information under the specification tab of your units - keep reading to find out how!

You can add specification data in three ways

  • in Trackunit Manager

  • in Trackunit Go

  • in Manager Classic

Add specification data Trackunit Manager

Log into Trackunit Manager

  1. Search and select the unit from the Fleet List

  2. Select Specification in the left side of the Asset Home page

  3. Click Edit to allow editing of the specification fields.

  4. Click Match Machine and find the exact match to you machine in the dropdown to add technical details, images, and documents from Speccheck to your machine specifications.

    Note: not all machines are available in Speccheck

  5. Click on the image in the top left corner to change the image of the asset

  6. Click Edit groups to add the unit to groups (if desired) to organize your fleet. See how to use groups to manage assets and people here

  7. When complete, press Save

Add specification data in Trackunit Go

Log into Trackunit Go

  1. Find your asset and select Specification from the 3 dot menu in the top right corner

  2. Click Edit

  3. Enter a name for the unit

  4. Add the brand of equipment

  5. Fill in supplementary information like type, model, production year, and VIN to easily identify your asset in the system or reports

  6. Upload an image of the equipment for easy identification

  7. When complete, press Done

Set up spot in go.png

Add specification data in Manager Classic

Log into Trackunit Manager

  1. Go to Manager Classic → Settings → Fleet

  2. Enter the unit name or serial number

  3. Select the unit from the fleet view and click Edit

  4. Add the machine Brand, Type, Year of Production and Model under Equipment information

  5. Click Save to save and exit

Classic machine specification.png

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