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How do I set up Data Feed integrations?
How do I set up Data Feed integrations?

Set up Data Feed integrations with a few simple steps. Enter the credentials, choose assets and confirm integration start.

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You need to be Admin or Fleet Admin to set up Data Feed integrations. Read more about user roles and permissions here

To setup Data Feed integrations you need to install the OEM data feed application available in Marketplace

Get credentials from the OEM and install the app in Marketplace

  1. Contact your OEM representative to get the credentials that you need.

    • The credentials that you need for each specific app are listed under “Credentials” in the app description.

  2. Click Install app

Set up the Data Feed integration

  1. Go to the Administration app

  2. Click on the App Library tab

  3. Find and click on the app that you have installed

  4. Enter the credentials and click Verify.

    If the credentials are successfully verified you will be redirected to the list of assets.

  5. By default all the incoming assets are selected. You can remove assets that are not relevant from the list, by deselecting the checkbox next to the asset.

    💡 Tip: Use filters to search for assets that you want to select/deselect. There is text search that handles multiple values. If you want to search multiple values use “,” as a separator.

  6. Decide if you want to integrate assets which can be available through the integration in the future but are not available at the moment by selecting or deselecting the checkbox “Import all new incoming assets”.

  7. Click Confirm to confirm the integration start.

See integrated assets and edit the list of selected/deselected assets

  1. Go to the Administration app

  2. Click on the App Library tab

  3. Find and click on the app

  4. Click View integrated assets

  5. Click Change selected assets

  6. You can now select or deselect assets from the list.

  7. Click Confirm to save the changes.

💡 Tip:

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