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How do I install and configure apps from the Trackunit Marketplace?
How do I install and configure apps from the Trackunit Marketplace?

With the Marketplace, you access a hub for partnership, co-creation and creativity to facilitate new digital construction experiences.

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In Marketplace you can browse the catalog of apps provided by Trackunit & external developers.

Various business models are supported such as Add-ons, upgrade packages, single app pricing, bundles etc.

Within marketplace you can:

  • Leverage data feeds to enrich or extend your connectivity

  • Benefit from the connectivity unleashed by Trackunit or your own apps

  • Create your own apps on top of the Trackunit foundation and its data lake

  • Access apps from 3rd party vendors built to connect construction

Access the marketplace from your Trackunit Manager account

The Marketplace button in the top right corner in Trackunit Manager will connect you with the Marketplace, where you can find all the apps available.


You can sort the apps available by categories (Connectivity, Data Feeds, etc) by clicking on one of the categories visible on the left side of the page.


Discover more about the apps available in the Marketplace

Click on an app shown in the Explore apps page to access detailed information on the app selected (developer, overview, visuals).



Install apps

Once you click on Install App you will be guided through a flow that will take into account your subscription package and whether this app is an add-on or not, and ultimately help you install the app in your Trackunit Manager account.


Go to the Administration app in the left side menu in Trackunit Manager where you will be asked to insert your credentials to enable the data feeds.

Fill in the section with the right information and click on the Verify button.


Once verified you’ll see a validation message appear.


Check the integration status. Check the success of the integration (number of machines, last success).


Manage your apps and add-ons from the App Library in your Trackunit Manager account.

The App Library is a companion to the Trackunit Marketplace where you can view, edit, and configure the apps that you’ve installed from the Marketplace.

You need to have Admin access to use the App Library.
Read more about user roles here.

To use the App Library, navigate to the Administration app on the left side menu in Trackunit Manager and select App Library

Note: All actions performed in the App Library will impact the entire Trackunit account.


View your apps

In this tab you can see all the apps available on your Trackunit account. When you first navigate to the App Library, there is a filter applied that shows Marketplace apps, or apps you have added to your account that did not already come with your core subscription.

To view and manage core apps, go to the Type filter and select Apps in Packages.


Uninstall apps

To uninstall apps go to the App Library and select the app you want to uninstall.
On the following page, click Uninstall App in the top right.

Note: uninstalling an app will remove it from all users of your account, and you will have to re-install the app to get access again.

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Find the credentials for your data feeds

In the overview page of the app you selected, find in the “Details” section, information on how to access your credentials needed to enable data feeds.


You can also access information on how to access your credentials needed in the app installation process by clicking on the “Help” button.


Note: If you don’t have the credentials, please reach out to your OEM/dealers representative.

They can provide you with a client id and client secret.

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