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How do I use the Data Feeds tab in My Network app?
How do I use the Data Feeds tab in My Network app?

With the Data Feeds tab in the My Network app you can self-diagnose and resolve issues with your data feeds to improve uptime and stability.

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My Network app is available on all the OEM price plans and on the Fleet Plans Expand and Evolve

To find your data integration go to the My Network app on the left side menu of Trackunit Manager and select Data Feeds tab in the top bar.

Note: If you do not see the "Data Feeds" tab, it means you have not set up any integrations yet. To create a new integration, visit the marketplace and explore the available apps in the Data Feeds category

What the different columns in Data Feeds tell you:



Integration Name

Name of the data integration specified during the creation of a new integration in the Marketplace.

Brand Name

Name of data provider for the integration.


Logo of data provider for the integration.


Status of integration.

Device Count

Number of devices that the integration is collecting data from.

Last Success

Information on the last successful connection made for this integration. This field is updated even if the data from the API provider is outdated, as long as the connection is successful.

Latest Data

Information on the most recent update time of the latest machine from the integration. A successful connection will not update this field unless new data is provided.

App Settings

Link to the application in the Trackunit Marketplace where you can edit your data integration of the selected type.

Note: The data feed table will only display integrations owned by your account. Even if assets from other integrations have been shared with you, you will not see those integrations listed here.

However, you can still view the integration names of these devices in the Overview tab of the My Network app

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