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How do I read my invoice on the new Fleet Plan?
How do I read my invoice on the new Fleet Plan?

On the invoice from Trackunit you’ll find the information you need to understand, process, and deliver payment.

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This article explains the invoice of the following subscription plans

  • Link, Lift, Leap

  • Explore, Evolve, Expand

9 important things to look for in your invoice

  1. Invoice No. | The invoice no. is unique to each invoice. Please reference this number in case you need Trackunit to assist you in billing or payment matters.

  2. Description | Defines the name and the start and end date of your subscription.

  3. Quantity for Fleet Plan Subscription | Used as a base for defining your price tier

    and total price for the Fleet Plan (Explore, Evolve, Expand) and Asset Configuration (Simple, Basic, Core, Advanced, Specialty, and ISO Feeds). This represents the total amount of unique Trackunit Spot, Raw, M-series, and ISO Feed units visible across your Trackunit Manager accounts.

  4. Rate | Shows the price of the individual subscriptions per billing term (standard is monthly).

  5. VAT ID and % | Define the individual type and percentage of VAT calculated for each line amount.

  6. Net amount | Total amount for a specific subscription quantity multiplied by term and rate.

  7. Quantity for Light | This quantity is used as base for defining your price tier and total price for Light Asset Configuration. This represents the total amount of unique Trackunit Kin units visible across your Trackunit Manager accounts and is calculated at a tier separately from your Fleet and Asset subscriptions.

  8. Due Date | The last date for payment in order for the payment to be considered payed on time.

  9. Total amount due | The total amount due on the invoice

Important notes:

  • Quantity calculations | The Fleet Count is determined as a monthly "High Level Watermark". This means we track the highest number of assets you had visibility on during the month, and that number is used for billing the following month.

    Our system automatically tracks the number of assets visible for you across Trackunit Manager accounts and how you are using your assets throughout the month. The count of this data occurs at the last day of each month. This data adjusts your price tier, asset configurations, and pricing for the following month.

  • Quantity misalignment | Fleet Plan quantity and total quantity for Asset Configurations are often not aligned. The reason is typically having shared visibility in Trackunit Manager on units owned and invoiced to other customers.

  • Migration to Trackunit Pricing & Packaging | When you are migrated any prepaid amount for your current subscriptions will be credited and deducted from future subscription invoices automatically.

  • Invoice quantity and Manager Count Discrepancy | When you check your invoice, the number of assets listed might not match the current number you see in Trackunit Manager. This is because the invoice reflects the highest number of assets from the previous month, while Trackunit Manager reflects the assets of the current month (read "Quantity calculations" above).

On page 2 of the invoice you find the customer name, address, and the Trackunit bank details, e-mail, phone number etc.

How do I read my invoice2.png

Where can I see the subscription for an individual device?

Along with the PDF invoice, you receive a CSV-file. In this file you can find the details for the devices your are charged for. In the files you can see:

  • Serial number

  • Model

  • Item code (name of the subscription on the device)

  • Billing period (start and end)

  • Month

  • Currency

  • Rate

If you are unable to receive CSV files at your billing email, reach out to our team and they will convert the subscription details into a PDF file.

💡 Tip: Trackunit invoices are based on serial numbers and not the asset names you have provided in Trackunit Manager. You can download an overview with asset names and serial numbers from Trackunit Manager in an Excel sheet to crosscheck.

Here's how:

Sign in to Trackunit Manager.

  1. Go to Manager Classic --> Settings --> Fleet.

  2. Click Export to Excel.

  3. Your Fleet view has now been downloaded in an Excel sheet.

💡 Tip:

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