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Can I add a reference to each individual device on my invoice?
Can I add a reference to each individual device on my invoice?

Your invoice contains the serial numbers of your devices. Use Trackunit Manager to match the serial numbers with your naming of each device.

Updated over a week ago

You are invoiced on the basis of active subscriptions. Each subscription has an individual subscription number, but the unit serial number is both in Trackunit Manager and on your invoice.

By default, we attach a CSV file containing device-level details to each invoice we send. If you wish to receive these details in a PDF format, you can reach out to us

You will find the device serial number that has been invoiced listed in the CSV file, or on the second/third page of your invoice.

It is not possible to add an individual purchase order number, name or any other reference on each subscription.

It is possible for you to request your invoice both in PDF and CSV-format.

Use Trackunit Manager to create and download an overview of your fleet to easily compare with the serial numbers provided through the CSV-attachment.

See how right here: How do I read my invoice?

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