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How do the Trackunit pricing plans work?
How do the Trackunit pricing plans work?

Learn about how our pricing plan is patched together, and what considerations to make when deciding on your plan.

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Trackunit’s pricing plans give you the flexibility to optimize your telematics investment by tailoring a solution that fits your specific needs for connectivity and insights. Which plan is right for you depends on what level of insight you want to see and the composition of your fleet.

What are the different layers in the Trackunit pricing plans?

Your complete price plan is made up of four parts. The Software Plan and the Asset Configuration form the base. The service package and Add-ons round up your plan.

Software Plan

The software plans are tailored specifically for OEMs, Rentals, and Contractors, and determine the level of insight you can get from your subscription. ISO-feeds are included in all three plans. You choose one software plan.

Asset Configuration

The Asset Configuration is based on what type of machines and equipment you have connected in your fleet. The Asset Configuration is designed to cover anything from simple, lower value equipment and tools to high value assets and specialty equipment. Your Asset Configuration can include different asset classes.

Note: You are invoiced for the assets that are visible in your Trackunit Manager account. Read more about how you manage visibility of assets in your fleet here.

What is an Asset?

An asset refers to any type of machine or equipment that is fitted with a Trackunit telematic device (Raw, Kin, Spot, etc) and that you are managing under your account with Trackunit. When you subscribe to an asset configuration plan, you are paying for the asset where you specifically requested a the telematic device. You are only billed for the assets that include telematics devices you ordered directly from Trackunit.

What is Asset Configuration?

Asset configuration refers to the different types of assets. Each offering specific functionalities and features tailed to meet various needs.

The Asset Configuration types are:

  • IOS Feed - IOS feeds, expect Bluetooth tags

  • Light - Assets with a Kin device or 3rd party bluetooth tag attached

  • Simple - Asset with a Spot device attached

  • Basic - Assets with a Raw device connected

  • Core - Assets with a Raw device connected and with a CAN profile installed and sending data

  • Complete - Assets with a Raw device connected with CAN & Relay

  • Advanced - Assets with a Raw connected, with CAN & Relay, and Keypad

  • Speciality - Assets with n M7 connected, MODBUS

What is a Fleet Plan?

A Fleet Plan is the total number of assets you can see in the "Asset Visibility" tab in your Trackunit Manager account. This includes ISO feeds, and it includes assets for which you have shared visibility from another company. Essentially, it shows you all the assets you can monitor and manage within your Trackunit Manager account.
Note: the count in the Fleet Plan does not include Light assets (See "What is Asset Configuration"). Light assets have their own tier pricing seperate from the Fleet Plan.

Service Level Agreements

Trackunit offers three Service Level Agreements (SLAs) which are tied to the Software Plans. You can read more about the Service Level Agreements here.


For additional customization of your plan, you can choose from a list of Add-ons. Check our website for more details on which Add-ons are available on your Software Plan.

Combined, these elements offer one tailored solution to help you unlock the full potential of your connected fleet. For more details, please refer to our website.

Frequently asked questions

I have a View/ Collect/ Insight subscription with Trackunit. How do I get on the new plan?

If you are currently on a View, Collect, or Insight subscription, we will reach out to you by e-mail with information on your updated plan and when you will be migrated. You don’t need to do anything.

Your new plan is based on how you’ve used Trackunit in the past and the types of visible assets your connected fleet consists of.

Why has the Trackunit Pricing been updated?

At Trackunit, we are committed to providing the best in class solution to help you eliminate downtime. We’ve done in-depth research together with customers and partners to evaluate the use of the Trackunit solution and connectivity needs to improve our offering.

The new price plans are setup to optimize your telematics investment by providing transparent and flexible plans that deliver volume benefits while unlocking value.

Does this change my invoice?

What are the costs?

Please get in touch with us by requesting a quote

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