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How do I transfer asset ownership to another account?
How do I transfer asset ownership to another account?

Learn how to transfer the ownership of an asset between accounts.

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You need to be an Admin or Fleet Admin to share, unshare, and transfer assets. Read more about user permission and roles here

The Transfer Assets feature makes it possible to transfer ownership of assets from your Trackunit Manager account to another connected account.

Transfer ownership of an asset to a connected account

Log into Trackunit Manager

  1. Go to the Administration app

  2. Navigate to the Owner & Visibility tab

  3. Select one or multiple assets you wish to transfer ownership of

  4. In the top right corner, press the Transfer button

  5. Follow the guided flow in the pop-up dialog

    1. Select the account you want to have ownership of the assets

    2. Decide if you need to keep the asset visible on your own account or if it should be completely removed

    3. Make sure to review that everything you’ve selected looks right before you proceed.

      Note: Transfers can’t be reversed, so make sure to double check the options you have selected to avoid mistakes.

    6. Press Confirm

Once the transfer is successful a green confirmation box will pop up in the bottom right of your screen.

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