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Why am I not receiving any data from my Kin/KinEx?
Why am I not receiving any data from my Kin/KinEx?

Is your Kin/KinEx not updating the location of your asset? Here’s a troubleshooting guide to help you solve the problem.

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The most common reasons for not receiving data from your Kin/KinEx is either that,

  • the Trackunit Kin/KinEx if it is not within range of an active Trackunit Raw unit (TU600 series)

  • there is no Trackunit Go smartphone unit nearby

  • the users of the Trackunit Go have disabled Kin/KinEx data transfer in ther settings.

  • your Kin/KinEx has run out of battery

Check if there is a active Trackunit Raw unit within range

In Trackunit Manager, find the asset that you want to check from your Fleet home. Click on the asset to go to Asset Home. From here, you can see if there are any active Trackunit Raw units near the asset.

Check the settings of your Trackunit Go app

In Trackunit Go you can select between three different settings for Kin/KinEx data transfer under Settings --> Transmit Kin Data

  1. Don't allow: Kin/KinEx data will not be transmitted.

  2. Only when open: Trackunit Go will only collect and transmit data when the application is open and active on the smartphone.

  3. Always: Trackunit Go will collect and transmit data in the foreground and when possible in the background if the application is not open on the smartphone. This option is the best for increasing Kin visibility and positioning when there are few Raw (TU600) powered machines in the area.

We recommend allowing Trackunit Go to always collect and transmit data as that will provide the best overall Kin/KinEx experience.

Battery Change

After up to five years of use, the Kin/KinEx-tag could also have run out of battery and therefore has stopped sending a signal. Low battery is signaled by the Kin/KinEx LED light with a red blink every 9 seconds.

If the Kin/KinEx-tag ran out of battery, you need to replace it with a new tag.

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