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How do I activate and install a Spot unit?
How do I activate and install a Spot unit?

Get detailed instructions on how to activate and install your Trackunit Spot after you have received it.

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The unit is added to your account when it arrives at your location, but it will not begin sending data until it is activated to avoid battery usage when it is shipping or in storage.

To set up the unit and start collecting data about your equipment, follow the steps below for the activation and installation of Trackunit Spot:

Activating Spot

  1. Start by finding your asset in the Trackunit Go app and adding metadata. You can add/adjust metadata in the Trackunit Go app or in Trackunit Manager. See how to do that here

  2. Activate the unit by ripping off the sticker on the front of the unit and exposing it to direct light. Spot will send the first message within a couple of minutes of removing the sticker. The transmission cycle will continue depending on how you customize the settings in Trackunit Manager

  3. Once active, the LED indicator on the front of the Spot will flash green. (Note that it can take up to 3 seconds for the LED indicator to start flashing.)

Your Spot unit is now ready for install on your asset.

Installing Spot

Spot can be mounted to almost anything with a simple, one-minute installation. It is designed to connect larger non-powered assets, such as trailers, portable welders, etc. However, Spot can be placed on any other type of equipment, even heavy or powered equipment if you need to quickly track a machine.

Each Spot will come with a user guide in the box that details how to install the unit. Spot can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

  • If installed vertically, mount the Spot upright with the Antenna facing the sky. The LED is at the opposite end from the Antenna and will be on the bottom when installed vertically

  • If installed horizontally, mount the Spot horizontally with the Antenna facing the sky. The LED will be on the left side when mounted correctly

The Spot unit is attached with two M4 (5/32”) screws through the Mounting Holes and into the Mounting Surface. It is recommended to use a TX10 (0.6 Nm) screwdriver to tighten the M4 screws; be careful not to overtighten.

Avoid mounting Spot near metal objects or next to electrical wiring.

For diagrams and detailed instructions on installation, refer to the user guide provided with the unit or find it on our website

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