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How do I install Kin/KinEx?
How do I install Kin/KinEx?

Trackunit Kin/KinEx are the Bluetooth tags built for asset tracking that you can install on any type of non-powered asset.

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You can install Trackunit Kin/KinEx using either glue, screws, or zip ties:

  • Glue mounting recommendation: Single component MS-Polymer adhesive (windshield adhesive)

Note: Clean surface with Isopropyl or Acetone before mounting.

  • Screw mounting recommendation: Pan head tapping screw BN 13274 Art-Nr.3060133.

  • Zip Ties mounting for cable or handtools: Stainless steel or strong nylon zip ties – width 4.8mm.

You can install Trackunit Kin/KinEx on basically any type of asset you want to keep track of. Others are getting great value out of installing Trackunit Kin/KinEx on buckets, rammers, vibrator plates, hammers, Auger Bits, light towers, pallet trucks, grabs and generators.

To optimize Bluetooth range, avoid close signal interference or signal-blocking material like mounting beneath or inside metal.

See how to activate and onboard Trackunit Kin/KinEx here

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