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How do I navigate in Asset Home?
How do I navigate in Asset Home?

Explore and understand your assets in Asset Home. Check daily utilization, CAN-bus sensor data, and investigate active events.

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When you click on any of your asset in Trackunit Manager, you are taken to the home page of your asset. On Asset Home you can perform a variety of actions that help you assess and understand data related to your asset.

Navigate in Asset Home


1. Report Issues

Is there an issue with the machine? Report the issue to log it in Machine Events. Add a Title and Description alongside an image and mark the issue as Critical to add it to the Attention list.

2. Live Status

Get an overview of the current status of the machine, incl. location and utilization of your machine.

3. Movement

Know a machines location at a particular point in time to check up on machine routes, arrival times, or potential theft.

4. Events

Here you can find all machine events that need your attention, such as CAN fault codes, damage reports, failed inspections, and overrun services. In Historic Events you can see all triggered events on any given day.

5. Insights

Analyze single machine data. Insights presents harmonized data across different connectivity set-ups. Select several variables from the Insights Overview to see a comparison of graphs of the historic data.

6. Telematics

Telematics compiles your Device data, Telematics status, Connections, and allows for Advanced configuration. You will find your unit's serial no., the status of the unit's power supply and battery level, the number of connected satellites, and the status of the unit's inputs. You can configure the source of idle hours, total hours, and productive hours.

7. Specification

Match your machine against our database to get technical data like brand, model, type, year, etc. listed about your machine.

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