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What are the Asset states for Activity?
What are the Asset states for Activity?

Learn about the definitions and source data of the Asset states for activity: Working, Idling, Stopped, and Unknown.

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Where do I see the Asset states for activity?

When you visit your Fleet Home you will see a summary of the asset states based on activity in the lower left corner of the map. You will also see the option to filter for “Activity” in the top bar of Fleet Home and My fleet.

You will see that your machines are categorised into four activity states: Working, Idling, Stopped, and Unknown.

How are the activity states determined?

The activity states are determined for assets that report Cumulative Operating Hours (Total Hours in Trackunit Manager) through machine insight data.

Note: Asset states for activity are currently not supported for assets that are connected using a Bluetooth tag.

In the table below you can see the different activity states and a description of how the system determines the states of each asset.




The machine is operating and not idling.

This is based on Total Hours in machine insight data.


The machine is idling during operation

This is based on Total Idle Hours machine insight data.


The machine is not operating.

This is based on Total Hours and Operating in machine insight data (only if available as Operating is not required).


The activity state is considered a 'live state', meaning it's constantly updated. Consequently, if the machine stops reporting Total Hours at its usual update frequency, the state transitions to 'Unknown'.

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