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How do I work with Insights in Asset Home?
How do I work with Insights in Asset Home?

Insights brings you data across different connectivity set-ups incl. CAN to help you perform single machine remote diagnostics.

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In Insights you will find both Insights Overview and Advanced Sensors.

  • Insights Overview is harmonized data across connectivity set-ups, for example Battery Voltage, Engine Idle Hours and Fuel Level.

  • Advanced Sensors is data coming straight from the CAN bus, for example Ambient Air Temperature, Engine Coolant Temperature.

In Insights you can access:

  • Data series export

  • Single data series in graph

  • Multiple data series in graph

  • Latest sensor readings from the CAN

  • 24h sparkline

💡Tip: Active and historical CAN faults can be found under Events when view your asset from Asset Home.

Here is how you navigate and get the best use of Insights

  1. Go to the Fleet app on the left side menu and click on the machine you are interested in

  2. Choose Insights in the left-hand navigation in Asset Home to see Insights Overview and Advanced Sensors

  3. Select your preferred Insight(s) or Advanced Sensor(s) to compare up to 4 graphs at the same time (available for Insights customers only) in the top screen graphical chart. You select and deselect an insight or a sensor by clicking their name

  4. Click and drag on a specific point in time on the graph in order to zoom in and get the detailed overview

navigate machine insights.png

Add specific Insights to Favorites

Star your favorite Insights to quickly access the insights you use on a regular basis.

💡 Tip: You can change how the favorites are organized in the list by clicking the small arrows next to the star in the top menu. This will re-order the list and move the favorites to the top, the bottom, or display them in the default order.

favourite insights.png

💡 Tip:

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