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How do I view Precision Usage & Machine Productivity in Trackunit Manager?
How do I view Precision Usage & Machine Productivity in Trackunit Manager?

Learn about how Precision Usage with OEMs offers deeper insights into true productivity and utilization of machines.

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Understanding Utilization and Productivity

For many machine types, measuring utilization and productivity accurately is surprisingly complex. Simple usage models based on key-on (ignition) or run time (engine/pump/motor run) only provide a basic understanding of work done. For example, a MEWP engine might turn on for 5 minutes to raise the platform, but the 4 hours of work done on the platform isn't captured by standard models.

Precision Usage captures machine utilization using advanced models that are tailored to the machine type. In collaboration with our OEM partners, machine data points and thresholds are selected to precisely define machine utilization. The thresholds are compared to the live telematics data received. This offers accurate insights into machine productivity and primary function use.


  • If an OEM has configured Precision Usage, all places where you get utilization datapoint (for example, a utilization report, or the Utilization app) will now be updated with Precision Usage datapoint

  • The old datapoint that was configured to Precision Usage will be mapped to a new datapoint called Engine Hours, which you can view in the Insights tab

  • As of now you will find Precision Usage configured for newer Skyjack electric scissor lifts. This will also be expanded in partnership with other OEMs to other machine types as we continue to improve utilization metrics on the platform

See Precision Usage at Asset-level view:

  1. Go to the Fleet app on the left side menu

  2. Find and click on the machine of your interest

  3. In Asset Home, under Status you can see Utilization

  4. If the machine is eligible, there will be messaging to indicate it has been configured by the OEM. The datapoint has now been updated to be fed by Precision Usage set up by the OEM.

  5. There is a See insights button in the lower right corner of the Utilization dashboard that will take you to the insights page. Here, you will see relevant insights pre-selected so that you are able to do a comparison of Precision Usage and the traditional engine hours based insight.

See Precision Usage at Fleet-level view:

Fleet-level view is only available to customers on Evolve or Expand plans

  1. Navigate to the Utilization app on the left side menu

  2. Turn on the toggle at the top right to Show Precision Usage data

Once toggled, machines in your fleet that have Precision Usage data configured will appear and you will get a comparison of standard utilization data based on what you

have set up when machine was onboarded vs Precision Usage data set up by the OEM.

You are able to:

  • See # of Precision Usage enabled machines in your fleet out of total

  • See total # of hours

  • See average # of hours

  • Export to Excel for offline analysis

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