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How do I work with the insight “Impact” in Asset Home?
How do I work with the insight “Impact” in Asset Home?

Document high impact events in Insights and get the approximate location for where the impact happened.

Updated over a week ago

A recent fix to our existing accelerometer has made it possible to measure impacts of up to 25G.

This impact will be displayed as “Impact” under the Fleet App --> Asset Home --> Insights in Trackunit Manager.

impact overview.png

How is Impact calculated?

All Trackunit Raw units (TU500 and above) include an accelerometer that measures acceleration in the X-, Y-, and Z-axis of up to 16g. The “Impact” displayed is the highest measured impact during the machines capturing period.

The capturing period is as follows:

Machine condition

Capturing period

Moving more than 8km/h (regardless if it’s turned on or off)

2 minutes

Operating while standing still

15 minutes

Non-operating and standing still

60 minutes

The Impact is calculated as follows:

sqrt(X^2 + Y^2 + Z^2)

Note: Position of the Raw unit can have effect on the Impact displayed.

For example, there is a damping effect if the unit is tied to wires or hoses compared to if it is bolted to the chassis.

If the unit is mounted close to the engine, engine vibrations can effect the data reading. Therefore it id recommended to mount the Raw unit to a rigid part of the machine far enough away from the engine that engine vibrations will not influence the data reading.

How do I use Impact?

First of all, make sure your Raw unit is TU500 or above.

When verified, reach out to Tech Support to get the latest firmware update on your fleet and activate Impact detection.

Log into Trackunit Manager

  1. Go to the Fleet app and click on the machine you are interested in

  2. Select Insights from Asset Home

  3. Click Impact in Insights Overview

  4. Select the date range you are interested in

You can now see and document high impact events for a specified period.

Impact navigation.png
Impact select date.png

💡 Tip: If you want to see the approximate location for where the impact happened, you can find that data under the Movement tab. Read more about how to uncover the location of a machine here

You can also generate an Operations Report for the dates of the high impact event to see who the operator was. Read more about how to create an Operations Report here

impact movement.png

💡 Tip:

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