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How do I create a Service Network?
How do I create a Service Network?

A service network lets you share service plans with sub-accounts, enabling them to resolve services for assets they have visibility to.

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Service Networks are available on the Expand and Evolve packages.

You need to be an Admin in order to use Service Networks. Read more about user roles, here.

What is a Service Network?

A service network is a network of the sub-accounts you wish to share service plans with. Creating a service network will allow the included sub-accounts to do the following:

  • view the service plans in the Manage Service Plans tab in Configuration. They will be able to modify the warning period of the plan, but only for themselves, this does not change the original service plan.

  • assign the service plans to the assets if they are not already assigned. You will need to add your service plans to your created network to make them visible to sub-accounts in your network.

  • assign themselves as a service provider to the service plans that have been shared in the service network.

You can create multiple networks, and sub-accounts and service plans can belong to multiple networks. If you are maintaining your own fleet on a single account, you do not need to create a service network.

Note: The account creating the service provider network is the network owner.

service provider network.png

Create a Service Network

  1. Navigate to the Service Management app

  2. Click on Configuration in the top right corner

  3. Click on Manage Service Networks

  4. Click on Create Service Network

  5. Give your network a name and click Create

create service network.png

Add providers and service plans to the service network

  1. Click on the service network you want to add providers and service plans to. You need to select at least one service provider and one service plan to update a network

  2. In the Providers tab, select the service provider(s) you want to add to the network. You can deselect a provider by clicking the account name under Selected service providers

  3. Go to the Plans tab and select the service plan(s) you’d like to add to the network. You can also use the search bar to search for a specific plan. Deselect a plan by clicking the plan name under Selected service plans

  4. Click Save

add providers and plans.png

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