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What is Service Management?

With Service Management, you can maximize value from machine service and stay ahead of issues that could lead to downtime.

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Service Management is available on the Evolve and Expand pricing plans. Reach out to your Sales Representative for more information.

As an OEM you can design custom service plans for your machines and share them with dealer networks to streamline process.

As a Fleet Owner you can apply the manufacturer’s plans across your fleet and designate service providers who get notified as the time for service approaches. Combined with live machine data, you can reduce unnecessary service costs while staying ahead of important fixes.

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You can use the Service Management app to create service plans for your assets, assign them to your assets and maintain them according to the service plans assigned.

A Service Plan is a collection of planned services, which defines the criteria for service intervals.

  • A Service Plan can be assigned to an asset.

  • A Service Plan is owned by the account that has created the service plan.

  • A Service Plan can be assigned by the service plan owner and if assigned, it is visible to the asset owner.

  • A Service Plan can be published for a specific brand and model, making the service plan available to the asset owner to use when matching brand and model of an owned asset. This is visible to the asset owner as an OEM official plan.

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