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How do I generate an Operations Report?
How do I generate an Operations Report?

When leasing machines to customers under various agreements, rates and durations Rentals must track this data to bill customers accordingly.

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Generate the report

Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  1. Select Reports app in the left side menu

  2. In the Reports screen, click on the Operations Report

    Operations report navigation.png

  3. Select a Date range by creating a custom range or selecting one of the predefined options

  4. Choose if you want to Filter by groups, clients, zones, individual machines, operators*, or operator companies**


    *Operators: this is only available for users of Dual ID and the Access Control module. Individual operator indicates individual access key.

    **Operator companies: this is only available for users of Dual ID and the Access Control module. Operator company indicates the company under which individual access keys are registered. If a key does not have a company registered, they will not appear in this list. For individual access key search, use the operator list.

  5. Zoom in on the particular groups/clients/zones/machines/operators/operator companies you want to include in the report. Choose from the dropdown menu. For machines, you can also use the search to find a specific name, brand, type and/or model. See how to use the bulk search here

  6. Toggle on Include Inputs 2-4

  7. Toggle on Include driving time and distance

  8. Toggle on Include operator

  9. Click Generate report

generate operations report.png

Reading the generated report

When you generate a report, you will see:

  • a summary of total work day hours, total operating hours

  • if you add driving time and distance, equivalent totals will be seen in the summary as well

operations report overview.png

When generated by the operator company, you will get a summary of all machines used by the operators registered under that company. If more than one operator company is selected, each summary will be divided by company.

If the report is generated based on groups/clients/zones/machines, the summary page will show individual machine usage.

Operations report equipment.png

Unknown operator (valid key)

This status means that the operator had a valid key set up in the system, but we’re not able to display their name. This could be due to the visibility restriction of the assets for example, if your account doesn't own the assets) or the operator has been deleted/changed in your account before the report was generated.

unknown operator.png

Invalid keys

Invalid keys can show up as a session in the Operations report, with a blank field in the Operator cell, as if someone got access to the machine. As the key is being validated, the unit might register usage on the inputs until it gets a response back from the system.

The validation can take up to a minute, but once a key card is rejected, the machine will be locked, and the operator won't be able to access it.

Understanding work day hours

Workday hours measure the time between the first and last recorded activity during a workday. For example, if the first activity record is at 6 AM and the last one for the day is at 2 PM, the workday hours will be shown as 8 hours (08:00), regardless of any activity in between.

To calculate workday hours, we prioritize using the best available input activity. This means if there's activity in operating hours (Input 1), the report will use that to determine the first and last time the machine was operated. If operating hours aren't available, it will use Input 2. If there's no activity on Input 2, it will check Input 3, then Input 4, and finally Driving.

Schedule the report

Once you have generated the report you can schedule it to be sent to people inside and outside your organization at a defined frequency. See how to schedule a report here

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