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How do I generate an Incident Report?
How do I generate an Incident Report?

Document theft, accidents, and other incidents with the Incident Report.

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Despite all preventive measures equipment can still get stolen, and accidents still happen. When reacting swiftly and diligently, it is possible to recover if such an event occurs. Use the Incident Report to document these occurrences and forward it to the authorities or insurance companies when necessary.

With this report you can:

  • Document suspected theft or misuse by accessing past locations and inputs

  • Provide evidence of device tampering with the light sensor showing ON

  • Document time, location, and inputs (e.g., seatbelt sensor) of an accident

  • Conduct general troubleshooting and analyse device data

  • Compile the data in an exportable format in order to capture all evidence in one view

Generate the report

In Trackunit Manager, click on the Reports app in the left side menu and select Incident Report.

  1. Select a Date range by creating a custom range or selecting one of the predefined options

  2. Filter by individual machines

  3. Zoom in on the particular machines you want to include in the report. Choose from the dropdown menu. You can also use the search to find a specific name, brand, type and/or model

  4. Click Generate report

incident report.png

Reading the generated report

When you generate a report you will see a summary of all the machine’s locations at a specific date and time, along with data on:

  • Power supply: Voltage level of the external power supply

  • Movement speed: Current speed captured by the device

  • Inputs 1-4: On/Off based on the current state of the input

  • Light sensor: Internal sensor inside the device that will show the output ON when it has been exposed to light. This would indicate that the device has been broken or has been tampered with.

Schedule the report

Once you have generated the report you can schedule it to be sent to people inside and outside your organization at a defined frequency. See how to schedule a report here

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