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How do I set up High-Impact Alerts in Trackunit Manager?
How do I set up High-Impact Alerts in Trackunit Manager?

Set up a High Impact Alert when your asset’s g-force registers an unusually high value.

Updated over a week ago

This alert is only available on the Mixed Fleet Evolve and Expand packages. Speak with your Trackunit representative to learn more about our different subscription packages, or have a look here.

With the High Impact Alert you get notified when the g-force (G) of your asset has increased unexpectedly beyond the defined threshold that could potentially indicate if the asset is malfunctioning or that an accident has occurred.

Configure the severity of your alerts to see critical events in your attention list and on the status of your asset. Even if they are not critical, we will always record any triggered alerts and add them to your asset’s event log.

Set up a High Impact Alert in Trackunit Manager

  1. Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  2. Go to the Alerts app

  3. Click Create new alert

  4. Select High Impact Alert and click Next

  5. Select if this should trigger a critical alert or a log

  6. Set the value that defines when the alert is triggered, for example, 8 G

  7. Select the Entire Fleet, group(s) or Specific Assets you want to monitor and click Next

  8. Select the people to be notified when the alert is triggered (optional) and click Next

  9. Enter the Name of the alert

  10. Review the alert configuration and click Create alert

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