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How do I set up Operational Alerts in Trackunit Manager?
How do I set up Operational Alerts in Trackunit Manager?

Set up Operational Alerts to be notified about your asset’s battery, fuel, or DEF tank levels.

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With Operational Alerts you get notified about your asset’s battery, fuel, or DEF tank levels so you won’t have to spend time manually checking each machine.

Configure the severity of your alerts to see critical events in your attention list and on the status of your asset. Even if they are not critical, we will always record any triggered alerts and add them to your asset’s event log.

You can create alerts for three parameters under Machine Insights:

  • Fuel level (%)

  • Battery voltage (V)

  • DEF tank level (%)

Manage your fleet health and keep everything operational by setting up trigger conditions for these three parameters and get an alert:

  • when equipment needs refuelling

  • when there is potential fuel theft

  • when there is battery drainage on electrical equipment

  • to make sure your DEF tank is not running low for optimal engine performance

Note: The alerts will auto-resolve when the triggering condition has been remedied. For example, if an alert is set to trigger when the fuel level is below 25% on a machine, the alert will be resolved when the machine is refuelled and fuel level is above 25% again. This means the alert will disappear from the attention list and the machine will no longer be marked as critical.

Set up Operational Alerts in Trackunit Manager

  1. Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  2. Go to the Alerts app

  3. Click Create new alert

  4. Select Operational Alert and click Next

  5. Select if this should trigger a critical alert or a log

  6. Select your desired parameter, for example fuel level, from the Select insight drop down menu

  7. Set the value that defines when the alert is triggered, for example, 20%, and click Next

  8. Select the Entire Fleet, group(s) or Specific Assets you want to monitor and click Next

  9. Select the people to be notified when the alert is triggered (optional) and click Next

  10. Enter the Name of the alert

  11. Review the alert configuration and click Create alert.

Note: it requires 3 consecutive readings below the trigger value before the alert triggers. That way you will not get an alert, for example, during a firmware update when Battery Voltage can drop.


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