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How do I manage Support Access requests to my Trackunit Manager account?
How do I manage Support Access requests to my Trackunit Manager account?

From time to time, a Trackunit employee may need to access your account and that will require sending an access request to you.

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In the Administration app under Support Access, you can view and manage all ongoing access requests as well as revoke access at any time. You need to be an Admin to manage access requests. Read more about user roles here

Note: Access requests from Trackunit's Tech Support will be treated differently. When a support case is created on your account, Trackunit's Tech Support will automatically be granted access to your account without needing your explicit approval.

This is designed to streamline the troubleshooting and problem-solving process. A Trackunit employee that is granted access to your account will have Admin rights.

How to see and manage access requests

When a Trackunit employee needs access to your account you will receive a request in Trackunit Manager. This request will include details on the purpose of the access request and for how long the access is requested (24 hours, 14 days or 3 months).

Log into your Trackunit Manager account

  1. Go to the Administration app

  2. Navigate to Support Access

Access request 1.png

You now have the following options:

  • Approve or decline pending access requests

  • View active requests or revoke access

  • View archived access requests

Approve or decline pending access requests

If you are comfortable with the access request, you can approve it. This will grant the individual from Trackunit admin access to your account. If not, you can decline the request and the individual will not get access.

  1. Go to the Pending tab

  2. Click on Approve or Decline to accept or reject the access request

  3. Click Confirm in the pop-up dialogue to confirm your action

support access 2.png

View active requests or revoke access

See who has access to your account, why, and for how long. Access requests granted based on support cases will include support ticket ID. If you change your mind or the circumstances change, you can always revoke an active access request.

  1. Go to the Active tab to see your active requests

  2. Click on Revoke to revoke access for this user

access request 3.png

View archived access requests

See who have had support access to your account in the past.

  1. Click on the Archived tab to see expired access request

access request 4.png

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