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How do I get started in the Trackunit Go app?
How do I get started in the Trackunit Go app?

As a new user of Trackunit Go, it comes in handy to know the basics. Here’s your walk-through of how to navigate the Trackunit Go app.

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The Trackunit Go app let's you perform a number of key activities while being on the go.

When you open the app, you are presented with a menu at the bottom of your screen; Attention, Assets, Search, and Settings. These tabs help you navigate through all your connected assets.

The Attention List ranks machines that are in need of attention by severity which will allow technicians to prioritize their focus.

Get the complete overview of your fleet’s assets. Make sure to get just the overview you need without any extra noise by selecting between ‘All’ and ‘Following’ as well as the filter functionality.

Quickly find the asset you’re looking for by searching for name, type, brand, etc. Use the filter icon on the top right corner to make your search more detailed. Afterwards, you can save your search by clicking the star icon in the top right corner.

Here you find your profil settings and general terms and conditions. Settings is also where you go to onboard Trackunit Kin and set your preferred settings for Kin data transfer. Read more about onboarding a Kin, here

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If you want to go into the details of individual assets, you can dig one step deeper into the home of each asset.

For your machines you can explore the tabs Events, Live and History.

Go here to report an issue with the machine and see all previous and current machine events. By clicking the machine name you will get the complete machine info with brand, type, model, year, serial number (VIN) and unit serial number.

Get an overview of the current status of the machine, incl. location on map, machine insights, services and alarms.


Get the historic overview of your machine’s events, services and machine errors.

Machinne Home.png

For your equipment you can explore the tabs Directions and Specifications.


Go here to be guided on the location of the equipment through your smartphone’s map.


Get an overview over the equipment Name, Type and Kin Serial Number.
Read more about how to use Trackunit Go to track your assets tagged with Trackunit Kin here

Asset Home.png

Asset Home gives you a simple overview of specifications, events, and messages related to a specific asset.

You can mark Insights as Favorites, providing you with quick access to the Insights you use on a regular basis.

To do so, click on the star on the right side of the Insight. The Insights marked as Favorite are displayed in the Insight widget of Asset Home.


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