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How to change the start date of your Service Plan in Trackunit Manager
How to change the start date of your Service Plan in Trackunit Manager

Activate service plans at the correct time to ensure services are scheduled accurately.

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By default, service plans are activated on the day that they are assigned to an asset, but that may not necessarily be when you need the plan to be activated. You can change the start date of your service plan to your desired date so your service plans can start when they are supposed to.

Note: the start date of a service plan can only be changed if there are no services registered. Once a service has been registered (performed or skipped), the start date cannot be changed.

Before you can change the start date of the service plan, you should have the service plan assigned to your asset. See this article on how to create a service plan

Change the start date of your Service Plan

Log into Trackunit Manager

  1. Locate and click on the asset for which you want to adjust the plan start date.

  2. On the Asset Home page, go to Service.

  3. Click the three dots next to the relevant service plan and choose Set start date.

  4. Choose the desired date, whether past or future, and click Submit.

The Plan start date field will now reflect the chosen date. For bulk changes, you can use the Update Assignments API.

Note: You cannot set a date in the past before the connectivity activation date.

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set new wervice start date.png

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