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What is Service Prediction?

Service Prediction is a powerful feature within Service Management to improve handling of service requests and optimization of resources

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Service Prediction is available on the Expand package. Reach out to your Sales Representative for more information.

When you go to the Service Management app in the left side menu of Trackunit Manager, you will see a column in the overview page titled Predicted Due Date.

This column gives you an approximate date of when the next service will be due allowing you to plan your service accordingly, whether it is booking the service with the customer and assigning the service technician or ordering the necessary parts so your technician is prepared for the service when it comes due.

Click directly on the asset to see details about upcoming service. You can also see the predicted due date and service information on each individual asset, by going to the Fleet app --> clicking on the asset --> selecting Service

You can set up Service Prediction when you create your planned services. Read more about service plans and planned services here

This predicted date is determined by looking at the historical usage data from the past 30 days of the asset. The system will display a specific date if the predicted date falls within the next 3 months. However, if the predicted date is too far in the future (years) due to low usage, no date will be shown to maintain prediction accuracy.

If a service is overdue, the system will display the date when the service became overdue and won't clear it until the service is resolved. Once resolved, the system will generate a new predicted service date for the next service.

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