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How do I set up Movement-Based Theft Alerts in Trackunit Manager?
How do I set up Movement-Based Theft Alerts in Trackunit Manager?

Movement-Based Theft Alerts notify you when movement is registred outside of the assigned working hours beyond a specified boundary.

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Movement-Based Theft Alerts are only available on the Mixed Fleet Evolve and Expand packages. Speak with your Trackunit representative to learn more about our different subscription packages, or have a look here

Movement-Based Theft Alerts are based on GPS data which means the alert will trigger even if the asset has not moved by itself - for example, if the asset is loaded on a truck and driven away.

Set up Movement-Based Theft Alerts in Trackunit Manager

  1. Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  2. Go to the Alerts app

  3. Click Create new alert

  4. Select Movement-Based Theft Alert and click Next

  5. Set the allowed distance where the asset is allowed to move without triggering the alert

  6. Select your working hours for the jobsite (the alert will only trigger on movement outside of the selected working hours) and click Next

    💡 Tip: Do you have different working hours on different days? Click on the drop down menu "All days" and select "Custom". You can now set up custom working hours for each day in the week.

  7. Select the Entire Fleet, Group(s) or Specific Assets that you want to monitor and click Next

  8. Select the people to be notified when the alert is triggered (optional) and click Next

  9. Enter the Name of the alert

  10. Review the alert configuration and click Create alert


movement based alert 1.png

movement based alert 2.png

Good to know

What is the starting GPS location used to track this alert?

The last GPS location data that is received at the end of the defined working hours will be used to track the asset’s movement. For example, if the working day ends at 17:00 and the last GPS location data comes in at 17:10, the movement will be tracked from 17:10.

Can I edit the alert after it has been created?

Yes, you edit your alerts at any time by going into Alerts and selecting the alert you would like to edit.

What is the difference between a Site-Based Theft Alert and the Movement-Based Theft Alert?

The Site-Based Theft Alert will only alert you when an asset has left the specified site, whereas the Movement-Based Theft Alert is based on how far the asset has moved and if the movement has occurred outside of your defined working hours.

What should I do if I have different working hours for different days?

You can use the Custom option under working hours to set a specific start and end time for each day of the week. Active is used to only specify the days with working hours, while All day is used to indicate that movement is allowed for the entire day (24 hours).

movement based alert 3.png

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