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How do I troubleshoot devices using My Network app?
How do I troubleshoot devices using My Network app?

Asses severity and troubleshoot directly from the Devices list in My Network app.

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My Network app is available on all the OEM price plans and on the Fleet Plans Expand and Evolve

Find and troubleshoot issues

  1. Navigate to the My Network app on the left side menu

  2. Go to Devices in the top bar menu

Each device will have a column that highlights different types of issues (keep reading below for a deep dive into these issues). The issues are color coded - red and yellow - reflecting the severity of the issue.

  • Red is the most critical.

  • Yellow is less critical

Note: The color coding of these issues (red or yellow) is not related to the overall Health Score of the device (red, yellow or green). Read more about the Health Score here

Below you will find the list of possible issues that can be displaced in the Device list and suggestions on how to troubleshoot the issues.

troubleshoot device list My network.png

No data

  • Check device power. If the internal battery is depleted, the device will stop sending data. Check if the device is connected to constant power.

  • If the device was connected to constant power and the device battery was charged at the last data transmission, check if the device location might obstruct the GSM/LTE connection (for example, if the device is underground, bad cell area, etc.).


  • If the device transmits data, but no GPS fix is given, validate the device installation or check if the machine location might obstruct the GPS antenna (underground, in a building, etc.).

No or Low External Power

  • Check if the device is connected to the machine battery.

  • Check the state of charge (SoC) of the machine battery.

  • If the device reads 0V external power when the machine is off, it indicates that the device is wired behind the main switch resulting in loss of constant power when the machine is not running.

No CAN data

  • Verify that it is the right CAN profile

  • Check physical installation/wiring.

Reporting 24 hours per day

  • If the machine main switch is cut to negative, the device will read stray voltage on the inputs, resulting in the device reading machine operation and counting operating hours in Trackunit Manager.

Hours fluctuating

  • If hours are provided from CAN, then a miscommunication between machine controllers might cause fluctuating hour values. Please contact your OEM partner or our Customer Support team.

  • If hours are not provided from CAN and you experience fluctuating hours, please contact our Customer Support team.

💡 Tip: You can reach out to our Customer Support team, by opening the Messenger in the lower left corner of this page, and clicking on "Messages" --> "Send us a message".

Hours from CAN modified

Hours from CAN not provided

  • The device is configured with a CAN profile, which read CAN hours. Please contact your OEM partner or our Customer Support team.

Reporting 0 hours per day

  • Check if input1 has been wired to an hour source.

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