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How do I work with Groups in Trackunit Manager?
How do I work with Groups in Trackunit Manager?

Working with groups helps you manage your fleet and segment it in a way that makes sense for your day-to-day operations.

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Create focused views to zoom in on a particular set of assets and grant users access to only the assets relevant to them. Additionally, groups can be used to pull reports and set up alerts for a specific set of assets.

How groups work

Groups acts like simple workspaces that can be used to focus your fleet overview by narrowing to a subset of assets. Alternatively, use groups to structure your fleet in a way that makes sense to your business.

Examples of groups:

  • By Site - Assets located at a certain site

  • By Customer - Assets shared with a certain customer

  • By Region - Assets available in a specific region

  • By Depot - Assets managed by a certain branch office

  • 24V Machines - For monitoring 24V electric equipment

  • Sold Equipment - Sold equipment waiting for transfer

Make sure you have the correct user rights enabled when you want to create groups:

Go to Administration > Users > Click on the user and tick Updating rights under the module ‘Settings’. See more about user rights here

User rights for groups.png

Create group

  1. Go to Groups

  2. Click Create Group

  3. Name the group. You can also write a description of the group

  4. Use the asset search to find and add assets to your group.

    • You can search for specific assets by name, brand, type, model, production year, VIN, and external reference

  5. Switch to the People tab and add the users you want to have access to the assets in the group. Note: People with access to all units will automatically see the groups you create

  6. Click Create Group again to finish and save

From the Fleet app in the left-hand menu, you can now filter the view for the specific groups you have created.

Create group.png

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