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What do I do when ONEi3 API is not working or receiving data?
What do I do when ONEi3 API is not working or receiving data?

Here's a troubleshooting guide to help you solve the problem.

Updated over a week ago

If you experience a loss of telematics data or notice that the data is not up to date, check the following:

  • Bearer Token: The Bearer Token may no longer be valid. Obtain a new Bearer Token and try using the new Bearer Token instead of the old token. A Bearer Token expires within one hour of receiving the token.

  • Endpoint URL Validity: Check if the API endpoint URL is valid by verifying the URLs against the API documentation or email provided by your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

If you are still experiencing issues after first attempting the solutions above, contact our Customer Support team and include the following details:

  • The Equipment Serial Numbers (ESN) experiencing the error

  • The API Endpoint experiencing the error

  • The API call error (e.g., 500, 504, 404, etc.)

  • All logs available for the API calls made receiving the error, with the date and time

  • The last date and time the API call was successful

  • The data points experiencing the issue

You can reach out to our Customer Support team, by opening the Messenger in the lower left corner of this page, and clicking on "Messages" --> "Send us a message".

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