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How do I reset my device data?
How do I reset my device data?

Do you want to reset your device data? Here's what to do.

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Two types of device resets

You can reset your device in two ways:

  • Software reset: this reset keeps historical data intact as well as device metadata and settings, and only resets internal counters.

  • Factory reset: this reset deletes all data (including metadata) and reverts the device back to factory state.

Note: We recommend careful consideration before choosing to reset the device back to factory state as all historical data will be lost and cannot be recovered by you or Trackunit.

Both types of resets have to be done in collaboration with Customer Support.

You can reach out to our Customer Support team, by opening the Messenger in the lower left corner of this page, and clicking on "Messages" --> "Send us a message".

Trackunit Support will reset the device and get in touch when the task is completed.

Moving your device to another asset

If you want to move the device to another asset, you do not have to reset it. After installing the device on the new asset, you can use Verify to check the new installation, configure the device and change device metadata. See here how to check the installation and configure your device

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