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How are Support Tickets prioritized at Trackunit?
How are Support Tickets prioritized at Trackunit?

Read about how support tickets are prioritzed by Tech Support at Trackunit to adhere to your Service-Level-Agreement (SLA).

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At Trackunit, we prioritize support tickets to ensure a swift and effective response to the issues that matter most to you. All support tickets opened with Tech Support are categorized as either “Critical” or “Non-Critical” based on their impact on your operations.

This categorization determines the speed of our response, as outlined in your SLA .

Below is an overview of which issues or tasks are categorised as “Critical” and “Non-critical”:

Critical issues (receive fastes response):

  • Incidents (major service or data disruptions)

  • Trackunit platforms or tools are not accessible

  • Outages

  • Machine not working

  • Machine not accessible

  • Theft/recovery

  • Data-loss

  • Outbound API data not flowing

Non-Critical issues:

  • Asset activation

  • Asset ownership transfer

  • Asset cancellation

  • Meta-data change

  • Single asset issue

  • Account settings/setup

  • Feature request

  • Minor bugs/issues

  • Inbound API data not showing

  • Other

Many answers to the Non-critical issues can be found by exploring our Help Center or diving into our Community where you can ask questions or get peer-to-peer and expert help and advice.

To reach out to our Customer Support team, open the Messenger in the lower left corner of this page, and click on "Messages" --> "Send us a message".

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