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How do I manually set the location for a Trackunit Beam Gateway?
How do I manually set the location for a Trackunit Beam Gateway?

Learn how to manually set a new location (or Pinning) for a Trackunit Beam Gateway when the Beam Gateway is outside the reach of GPS signal.

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The “Manual location” (or Pinning) feature is used when you install the Trackunit Beam Gateway on a location that does not have a strong GPS signal (for example, underground, a tunnel, etc).

To ensure an accurate location of the Trackunit Beam Gateway, you can change the location manually in Trackunit Manager.

Changing the location of the Trackunit Beam Gateway

To change the location of a Trackunit Beam Gateway through the “Manual location” feature, follow the steps below:

To change the location of the Beam Gateway, you must be an Admin or Fleet Admin. Read more about user roles, here

  1. Login to Trackunit Manager as Admin or Fleet Admin

  2. Click on the Fleet app

  3. Filter Asset Type for Gateway

  4. Click on the Trackunit Beam Gateway you want to edit

  5. On top of the gateway’s map, press the toggle Manual location

    Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 15.27.48.png
    Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 15.27.58.png

  6. On the pop-up message, select Change location

  7. Drag the map to the location you want to set the gateway to

  8. Click on the location on the map.

    Note: there will not be an indication of your selection on the map, but as soon as you click on a location on the map, that location is selected.

  9. Press Save location on the top right corner of the map

  10. If the new location is correct, press Save location on the pop-up message

The gateway’s location is now saved and updated. You will now see a label saying “Manual location” next to the street address where the gateway is located.


Good to know:

The “Manual location” (or Pinning) feature turns off if the Trackunit Beam Gateway gets a GPS signal by itself and its location is more than 1km/0.62 miles from the manually pinned location.

The new GPS location will then override the manually pinned location, and its location will be updated on Trackunit Manager.

If the Trackunit Beam Gateway gets moved again to a location with low/no GPS signal, the “Manual location” (or Pinning) feature needs to be activated again and all the above steps repeated.

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