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How do I access historical Kin/KinEx location data?
How do I access historical Kin/KinEx location data?

Keep track of Kin/KinEx-tagged assets by accessing historical location data in Trackunit Manager. Here’s how it’s done.

Updated over a week ago

To access historical Kin/KinEx data, it is best to use Trackunit Manager.

Access historical Kin/KinEx location data:

  1. Log into Trackunit Manager

  2. Navigate to the Fleet app in the left side menu

  3. Use the Asset Type filter to find and select the Kin/KinEx-tagged asset you would like to review

    asset type kin.png

  4. Select the Movement tab on the left side menu to see all historical movement data in list and map form

    Kin movement tab.png

  5. Select the date you would like to access using the date filter located above the map

    Kin location date range.png

  6. Click Export to Excel below the location list if you would like to export the data to an Excel Sheet.

Kin location export to excel.png

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