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How do I differentiate KinEx from Kin?
How do I differentiate KinEx from Kin?

Trackunit KinEx enables the same tracking properties as Trackunit Kin, but is specifically designed to perform in hazardous zones.

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Trackunit KinEx is the industry’s first C1D1-certified Bluetooth 5.2 Tag.

The C1D1 classification describes hazardous work environments where fire hazards exist with an increased probability of an explosion due to the regular presence of flammable materials like gases or vapors.

KinEx was designed to meet these certifications, and opens opportunities to safely track tagged assets in hazardous environments, with all the familiar benefits of Kin.

How to Identify a KinEx

The KinEx tag has a few key differentiators from the Kin tag.

On the front, look for:

  • the hazard symbol

  • the “KinEx” name

  • and the MET certification mark

On the back, look for:

  • "Model KinEx”

  • The “CLASS 1 DIV 1” (C1D1) identifier

  • The MET certification mark

These identifiers are highlighted in red below:


The serial numbers are also an easy way to tell if you’re looking at a Kin or KinEx Tag. KinEx tags start with 20XXXXXXX, whereas Kin tags start with 10XXXXXXX.

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