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How can I track a Kin/KinEx in Trackunit Manager and the Trackunit Go App?
How can I track a Kin/KinEx in Trackunit Manager and the Trackunit Go App?

Trackunit Manager and Trackunit Go are your best tools for tracking your Kin/KinEx both on-site and off-site. Here's how.

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The Trackunit network

The Trackunit network consists of all installed Trackunit Raw (TU600/700) series, as well as smartphones with Trackunit Go set up for relaying Kin/KinEx data. Both of these types work as Kin gateways that can forward Kin/KinEx data.

When a Kin/KinEx is within range of a gateway, the gateway will forward the Kin/KinEx data to Iris, Trackunit’s cloud-based IoT platform, along with the Kin/KinEx position. The position can be tracked in Trackunit Manager or Trackunit Go.

The closer the gateway gets to the Kin/KinEx, the more accurate the position will be. If no gateways are near the Kin/KinEx, you will not be able to see an updated position in either Trackunit Manager or Trackunit Go, instead you will see the last reported position.

For more information about the Trackunit network and the data related to Kin/KinEx, check out this article: How can I control the data related to Trackunit Kin/KinEx?

Using Trackunit Go to track a Kin/KinEx on location

Trackunit Go is the tool you use for on-site tracking of your assets equipped with Kin/KinEx. Trackunit Go is not only used for the onboarding of Kin/KinEx, but is also your everyday tool for locating your assets on-site.

In Trackunit Go you can see your asset specifications and locate your asset.

When you select an asset you want to locate, you will be presented with a map, asset specifications and a directions button.

When tapping on the map, you will be taken to “locate mode”, where you will be able to see both signal strength - and thereby how close you are to the Kin/KinEx - as well as an indication of when you last received the signal.

When tapping the directions button, you will be redirected to the map app installed on your smartphone (Google Maps or Apple Maps) and you can see directions to your asset.

kin locator.png

Using Trackunit Manager to track a Kin/KinEx off location

Trackunit Manager is the ideal tool to use for locating Kin/KinEx when not on location.

In Trackunit Manager you can see the last reported location from the Trackunit network and which TU600 equipped machine has picked up its Bluetooth signal.

vibratory rammer.png

You can also see all the reported locations of your Kin/KinEx tags until the last 400 days, under the Movement tab.

Click on your asset from your Fleet view, and select Movement in the left side menu.

vibratory rammer 1.png

If instead of the machine name equipped with a TU600, it says Trackunit Network it means that you don't have visibility rights over the machine that has found your Kin/KinEx tag, due to account permissions.

Trackunit Manager is also where you perform your asset management staying in control of asset inventory and asset specifications. You can filter your assets by brand, type and model.

assetmanagement kin.png

kin asset management fleet view.png

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