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How can I control the data related to Kin/ Kin Ex?
How can I control the data related to Kin/ Kin Ex?

Read more about who has access to your Kin/KinEx data and how can you control the data settings.

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Trackunit Raw as gateway

The Trackunit network consists of all installed Trackunit Raw devices (TU600/700 series) as well as smartphones with Trackunit Go set up for relaying Kin/KinEx data. Both of these types work as Kin gateways that can forward Kin/KinEx data.

Anyone with user settings allowing visibility of an asset with a Kin/KinEx attached can see its data in Trackunit Manager and Trackunit Go.

Only users with visibility of the Kin/KinEx-tag can see its data. Machines from other accounts that have been used as a gateway for Kin data will not be able to see the data the gateways have reported for the Kin/KinEx-tag.

Even though your machines equipped with Trackunit Raw (TU600/700 series) form part of the global Trackunit network and can act as gateways for transmitting Kin/KinEx data for all Kin/KinEx users, rest assured that they do not give access to your Kin/KinEx data for anyone else to see.

Trackunit Go as gateway

Trackunit Go also has the ability to collect and transmit Kin/KinEx data for tags that are in range.

In Trackunit Go you can select between three different settings for Kin/KinEx data transfer under Settings --> Transmit Kin Data

  • Don't allow: Kin/KinEx data will not be transmitted.

  • Only when open: Trackunit Go will only collect and transmit data when the application is open and active on the smartphone.

  • Always: Trackunit Go will collect and transmit data in the foreground and when possible in the background if the application is not open on the smartphone. This option is the best for increasing Kin visibility and positioning when there are few Raw (TU600/700) powered machines in the area.

We recommend allowing Trackunit Go to always collect and transmit data as that will provide the best overall Kin/KinEx experience.

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