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How do I activate, onboard, and recover Kin/KinEx?
How do I activate, onboard, and recover Kin/KinEx?

In order to get your Trackunit Kin/KinEx up and running, you must activate and onboard it.

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Check out the video below to see how to install, activate and onboard your Kin/KinEx tag. You can also read more about how to install a Kin/Kin Ex tag here, or keep reading this article to learn more about activation and onboarding of Kin/KinEx tags.

You can choose to activate right after installation or wait until after the onboarding. Note that the Kin/KinEx tag will not send data or update any locations until activated.


To activate your Kin/KinEx tag you must remove the sticker placed on top of the Kin/KinEx tag as this will trigger the light detector and wake up the processor. It is important that Kin/KinEx tag is activated in lighted surroundings.

To indicate that the Kin/KinEx tag has been activated, the green LED light on top of the Kin/KinEx tag will blink for 5 seconds. Please note that the activation can be delayed up to 3 seconds.

The Kin/KinEx tag is now activated and will continue to advertise, even when it is in the dark again. If there is no blink from the LED, it may already be activated.


To onboard Trackunit Kin/KinEx tag you will need to be assigned the role of Admin or Fleet Admin and have access to the entire fleet. Read more about user roles and permissions here

  1. Log into your account in the Trackunit Go app

  2. Go to Settings in the lower left corner.

  3. Select Onboard a new Kin tag.

    Note: If it is your first Kin/KinEx onboarding you will be guided through installation and activation first and then onboarding. After the first Kin/KinEx onboarding, you will skip the installation and activation guides and go directly to the onboarding.

  4. Follow the onboarding instructions guiding you to hold your phone close to the Kin/KinEx tag. This will make your phone detect the Kin/KinEx tag. If your phone does not detect the Kin/KinEx tag and you cannot see the correct Kin/KinEx ID number among the detected tags, you can choose to scan the QR code visible on top of the Kin/KinEx tag.

  5. Once the right Kin/KinEx tag is detected, click Set Up.

    Note: If there is a new firmware update available, the app will prompt you to install any new firmware versions. Click through the provided steps and remain within bluetooth range until the firmware update is complete. If you move away or disconnect during this update, you can recover your tag and begin again.

  6. Fill out the details of the Kin/KinEx tag. The details include Name, Brand, Type and Model, and a categorization of your asset as either Machine, Attachment, Equipment, Tool or other. You can choose to postpone completing the asset details and do this later in Trackunit Manager.

  7. Add an image of the equipment containing the Kin/KinEx tag.

  8. Add the Kin/KinEx tag to one or several existing groups (optional)

  9. Finish by clicking Complete setup.

At this final stage, you can also choose to select Set up duplicate if you are in the process of mass onboarding several Trackunit Kins/KinEx tags and want to clone the tag by reusing the information of the Kin/KinEx tag you have just onboarded.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 at 14.04.49.png


To recover a Kin/KinEx tag:

  1. Log into the Trackunit Go app

  2. Go to Settings in the lower left corner.

  3. Click Firmware Recovery in the KIN section

  4. The following screen will show any Kin/KinEx tags with previous failed updates.

  5. Select the Kin/KinEx tag you would like to recover, and follow the usual onboarding steps.


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