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How do I give users permission to view assets on a site?
How do I give users permission to view assets on a site?

Granting permissions to assets on a site is a seamless process. With permission users can view all the assets available on a specific site.

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Once a user has been granted permission to a specific site, they can view of the assets of that site. Furthermore, whenever a new asset enters the site the user's permission is automatically extended to include that asset. And if an asset leaves the site, the user's permission is revoked accordingly.

Granting users permission to view assets on a site

Log into Trackunit Manager

  1. Navigate to the Sites app

  2. Click the site you want to adjust

  3. Go to the Asset permissions tab

  4. Select the users that should have permission to view assets and click “+” next to their name to grant permission

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A user has viewing permission when they are in the Selected items list. Revoke a users viewing permissions by selecting them in the list and click the “-” next to their name.

Note: Users who have access to all assets will not appear in the lists in Asset permissions. They will be able to see the assets on a site as soon as the site is created. See how to work with user roles and permissions here

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