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How do I set up a zone in Manager Classic?
How do I set up a zone in Manager Classic?

Zones can be used in combination with the Map, Reports and Alarms. Follow these steps to set up zones in Manager Classic.

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Note: Both Zones and Point of Interest (POI) are being replaced by Sites. We recommend you start using Sites as soon as possible to get access to the latest functionalites.

Read more about Sites in this article

A zone allows you to mark a large area on the map, whereas a POI allows you to set up an alarm to a more narrow point e.g. a specific address.

Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  1. Go to Manager Classic.

  2. Go to Map.

  3. Click on Add zone.

  4. Move the cursor to the Map and left-click to decide the boundaries of the zone.

    • Click the initial point to finish the zone.

  5. Enter the Name and details of the zone.

  6. Press Save and exit.

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