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How do I set up a point alarm in Manager Classic?
How do I set up a point alarm in Manager Classic?

Set up a point alarm to be notified when the unit moves to or from a specified point of interest (POI).

Updated over a week ago

Note: Zones and POI (Point of Interest) have been replaced by Sites. Zone Alarms have been replaced by Logistics Logging Alerts, and Site-Based Theft Alerts in the new version of Trackunit Manager.

We recommend you start using Alerts and Sites as soon as possible to get access to the latest functionalities.

Before you start: you must create a POI before you set up an alarm by point. Learn how to create POIs here

Set up a point alarm

Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  1. Go to Manager Classic

  2. Go to Alarms

  3. Click New alarm and select Alarm by point

  4. Enter the Name of the alarm

  5. Select the units you want to monitor

  6. Select if the alarm should trigger,

    1. when the unit moves into the selected point

    2. when the unit moves away from the selected point

    3. If the unit has not arrived at the selected point at the specified time

  7. Specify how far from the POI the unit should be for the alarm to trigger

  8. Select the persons to be notified when the alarm is triggered

  9. Press Save to save and exit.

point alarm_US.png

Set up a critical alert in Trackunit Manager

Get a notification and see the alert in the Attention list by setting up a Critical event.

  1. Go to the Alerts app.

  2. Click on the alert you want to update. This will open a dialog with the alert details.

  3. Click Edit to edit the setup of the alert

  4. Go to Triggers on the left side menu, and select Trigger critical alert

  5. Click next all the way to the end of the set up and click Create alert to finish and update the alert.

critical alarm navigation.png

Need a summary of the alarms you can set up in Manager Classic? Click here

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