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How do I add metadata to machines in Trackunit Manager?
How do I add metadata to machines in Trackunit Manager?

Learn how to add metadata to your fleet to help catalogue you assets using the enhanced Standard Fields and new Custom Fields offering.

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Enhanced Standard and Custom Fields will enable you to capture and organize additional metadata that holds significant contextual value, thereby facilitating more robust data categorization and retrieval processes for you and your end-customers.

There are two types of fields:

  • Standard Fields: These are additional fields offered out-of-the-box by Trackunit and you can add these fields to any machine, when applicable.

  • Custom Fields: These are truly custom fields to host and bring in information unique to you. Custom Fields are only available for customers on Lift and Leap, or Evolve and Expand packages. Custom Fields are available via API access only. Read more about Custom Fields on our Developer Hub, or reach out to your Trackunit representative to learn how to get started.

Adding & Editing Standard Fields

  1. Go to the Fleet app on the left side menu, and click on the machine of your interest


  2. Choose Specifications in the left-hand navigation of Asset Home


  3. Click the Edit button which will bring up another button for Manage Custom Fields which you can also click on


  4. A list of standard fields will be available for you to choose from. Select the fields that you are interested in and click Save


  5. Depending on the field you have added, you will have multiple options such as a dropdown list of prefilled values, free text, date and more

  6. Fill in the right value and click Save

Filter Using Standard Fields

One of the most useful things you leverage standard fields for is custom filtering and sorting of your fleet in Trackunit Manager.

  1. Go to the Fleet app on the left side menu

  2. Click on the Filter icon on the top left of the fleet table near the filters

  3. Scroll to the bottom to see the list of standard fields available for you to filter through

  4. Select the standard field you would like to add to the table by clicking on the star. Now that field should be added as a filter option and added as a column to the table

You can now filter your fleet or sort by that data point


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