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How do I set up a service in Manager Classic?
How do I set up a service in Manager Classic?

Learn how to set up a service for your assets in Manager Classic.

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Note: This article is for Manager Classic. Read more about Service Management in Trackunit Manager here

To set up a service you first need to set up a Client in Manager Classic. See how to do that below.

Set up Client

Sign in to Trackunit Manager

  1. Go to Manager Classic

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Go to Clients

  4. Click Add

  5. Fill in what company will do the service, either internal or external and click Save

    set up a client for service 1.png

  6. Click on the newly created Client

  7. Click on Add

  8. Fill in contact information to the one who will do the service and Save

Note: it is important that an e-mail is added. This is how the notification is sent out.

client for service.png

Set up service

  1. Go to Manager Classic

  2. Click on Service

  3. Select the machine you want to create a service on

  4. Click Add service

  5. Add service on either hours, KM, or Regular service. You can also add both hours and KM or Regular service

  6. Choose how many hours before a service is due you want the notification email to be sent

  7. You can add a Service note if you like. Select Include service note in service e-mails to attach any Service note to the notification e-mail

  8. Click Select client and choose the contact who should receive the service notification e-mail and press Save to save and exit

add service.png

If you can’t access the service module, make sure you have the right settings in your user profile. See how to control user rights here

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